Happiness, as described by philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge, is "a hound dog in the sun." But what happens if the dog doesn't get enough sun?

Light therapy is a holistic and natural way to allow pets to gain the benefits of sunlight, when weather conditions do not allow them to experience it outside.

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If you’re a pet owner, the possibilities for summer fun with your furry friends are endless, but so are the health risks that could potentially harm your pet. In the summer, the number of emergency visits to the vet reaches an all-time high. 

Between parasites and pests, scorching temperatures and even table scraps from a backyard barbecue, there are a lot of ways your pet can become injured or sick. Luckily, there are also ways you can protect them. Read on for some tips to keep your pet healthy this season.

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They Light Your Life - Light Theirs w/ Sol Box

Statistics indicate that 65% of American households currently own pets. These can be cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits or any other type of pet. It is well known that people love their pets. The good news is pet ownership offers multitudes of benefits. Many feel that pets provide the type of unconditional love rarely exhibited from their human peers. Here are just some of the positive effects that come along with pet ownership: 

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Pet Products That Will Help Your Companion Through The Winter

Winter storms, cold temperatures, and dark skies can contribute to the winter blahs but it can also be hazardous to your pet’s health.  Pet expert Charlotte Reed explains how to keep pets safe and healthy during the dreary months.

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Light Therapy Can Reduce Seasonal Hair Loss in Dogs

You've heard about Alopecia, also known as partial or full hair loss, in humans, but did you know that a form of it can also occur in our beloved pets? Many dogs and cats experience Seasonal Alopecia, which is a hair loss condition that causes the animal to lose hair in spots on their body predominately at the flank area between the ribs and hip. The good news is that it's treatable. One option is to use light therapy...

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Light Boxes Treat Doggie Depression 

When the sun sets early in the day and the cold weather sets in, humans can find themselves suffering from the “winter blahs” to the more severe Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

If you see your pets lounging around on gray winter days, they’re not just following your lead but may be suffering from the winter blues too. - abc news

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Lethargic? Restless? Your pet could be suffering from SAD.

Seasonal affective disorder is defined as a mood disorder that occurs when seasonal changes occur throughout the year, especially during the winter time when there is not sufficient direct sunlight. In addition, known as SAD or winter blues, this disorder occurs to both humans and pets..

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From The Oregonian

You’re not the only one who gets the winter blahs when the rain never seems to stop outside.

Turns out, your furry family members are susceptible, too. If you notice your pets seem to become more lethargic during these gray winter days, you might want to consider a pet-friendly light box.

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