Our Story


They comfort us when we're sad, they accompany us when we're lonely, they motivate us when we're lazy,  and they love us unconditionally.  They are our second heart, and often a window to our own.  Some say that the life of a pet is a simple one, but I beg to differ.  I would argue that they in fact have one of the most demanding jobs in the world.  They are not only our therapist; they are our everything.  From our security when we feel unsafe, to our cleanup crew when we can't finish a plate.  I can't imagine life without the only pair of eyes that can convince me that my own bed, is actually his own bed.  *cough cough*  Luuuke?

My sleep complications began over two years ago in that very bed (Luke's very bed); unfortunately this was a condition that not even Dr. Luke could remedy with a lick to the face and a wiggling tail.  I was battling severe insomnia.  At the time, I was trying everything imaginable just to scrounge the three hours necessary to function the next day.  A sleep specialist I was seeing suggested I give light therapy a try.  He lent me a bulky light box and advised that I use it for at least 30 minutes every morning.  Living in Portland Oregon, sunlight can be scarce, so the idea was that it could help set my sleep cycle by mimicking the sun.  In addition, it would help balance my melatonin production, which is an important component of healthy sleep.  

After only a week, I was hooked.  I found the light to be incredibly invigorating and an excellent way to liven my spirits every morning, far more so than my usual coffee bender. What I found most enchanting was who was consistently basking by my side.  Whenever the light was out, so was Luke.  Lying on his back, eyes mesmerized by the box, he would remain in this comfortable state as long as it was on.  He absolutely loved it.  That's when it dawned on me.  We all notice, and often laugh at our pets following a single stream of light throughout the house, but why is this?  Well after some thorough research and conversations with established veterinarians, the answer became clear.  Similar to humans, animals also require sunlight, and those who don't receive enough, can suffer from seasonal affective disorder.   I found this quite fascinating, and was curious what veterinarians were doing to treat these animals who were suffering from a lack of sunlight.  Well the answer was as American as apple pie.  Increasingly vets prescribe Prozac and other antidepressants in an attempt to boost their serotonin levels.  That seemed rather cruel.  I'm all for providing our four-legged loved ones with the best treatment available, but not when you're risking a laundry list of unhealthy side effects and no definitive way to tell whether or not it's working.

It made so much sense to instead treat our beloved pets with a safe and natural remedy as apposed to the dangerous pharmaceuticals often prescribed.  Pawsitive Lighting was founded because no one was providing a holistic approach to the treatment of depression in pets.  I teamed up with a manufacturer in England who had experience in developing high quality light therapy devices.  We worked to design the first ever light therapy box made specifically for pets.  Particularly, I wanted to offer what no other light box had;  style, portability and effectiveness.  I couldn't be more pleased with our first product, the Sol Box The best looking, most compact 10,000 lux light box on the market.  Most importantly, Luke and I can wake up (or he can wake me up) every morning knowing that we're improving the lives of many pets and in turn the lives of many families throughout the world!